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Common Mistakes You Should Avoid in Online Marketing

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A lot of businesses today rely on online marketing as their primary means to connect to their customers and get new customers. Though it can be done virtually for free, it is important to avoid common mistakes that can make a negative impact on your online marketing campaign.

Not having a concrete content marketing strategy

Content marketing is a must. In fact, 72% of marketers believe that the most effective SEO tactic is content marketing. This is true especially now that Google is giving high priority to websites that can come up with high-quality content in a regular manner. These days, long content can be beneficial in so many ways. Not only is it good for SEO, you also increase the chance that your content goes viral. It is also true that content can help build your company’s overall reputation in your niche.

Not having the right voice on social media

Social media is more than just an outlet where you can announce your new products and services. Social media should also be a venue where you can communicate and connect with your audience. Having the right voice can be a bit tricky. There are instances wherein you still sound professional despite being a bit casual with your followers. On the other hand, there are those companies that need to be formal whenever they respond to social media.

Having the right voice that matches your branding is crucial. You may even have to study your competitors in order to understand what type of voice you will need to utilize.

Not engaging with your audience on social media

Social media should be a tool to communicate more efficiently with your audience. Unfortunately, a lot of companies fail to communicate with their audience. You want to make sure that you respond to their comments on social media every once in a while. And also, be sure to answer inquiries on social media.

Not having a secured website

It is important that your customers are protected. Could you imagine if your customer’s credit card information has been stolen because of your unsecured website? Be sure to invest on precautions especially if you are going to accept payment using your website.

Not having a mobile friendly site

A mobile friendly website should always be a standard especially now. Keep in mind that majority of consumers today have their own smartphone that can connect to the World Wide Web. It is also a game changer if you are thinking about your company’s SEO. Google has changed the way it ranks websites over the years. Today, mobile friendly websites are getting better rankings than those that can only be viewed and used seamlessly on desktop.

Not checking the competitors’ strategy online

Be sure that you study your competitors’ move. The best practice is to check the effective online marketing strategies that they are using. By knowing what your competitors do, you will be able to implement and even improve your practice. Also, you are not going to commit the same mistakes anymore.

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