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Banking On Humor As A Social Media Marketing Tool

Written by motozone

Social media, while a serious matter, should not be taken too seriously if you want to be successful in connecting and engaging with potential clients.

Communicating your brand is essential when you want to attract clients and humor, is an often neglected strategy in marketing a product despite its effectiveness in the social media landscape.

Take Twitter for instance.  Would you pass a funny quote or tweet?  Would you ignore a discussion that starts off with a clever line?  Wouldn’t you be tempted to linger on a Facebook page where conversations have become offbeat despite the seriousness of the issues discussed?

The answer is a million likes and loads of smileys.

Humor works and engages people because it impacts on emotions.  The world is serious enough with everyday trials and problems so humor presents a refreshing break, no matter how brief.   Marketing experts know that humor, the good ones, of course, bring out the humanness in things and draws people in like a magnet.

But be careful.  It isn’t enough to be funny and creative.  Humor must be done in good taste.  If done otherwise, you’ll be risking your corporate or business image.

Here are tips on when and how to use humor without the dire consequences.

Get creative

Users delay reading about complex but important subjects like taxes, insurance, and finance especially if they are presented in a manner that’s dry, lengthy, and boring.  If you want to market a product or service that deal with these subjects, you must be able to inject some humor to make the presentation entertaining.  For instance, instead of merely presenting a list of investment products for retirees, inject some amusing anecdotes about the twilight years.

Choose your subjects with caution

It is perfectly fine to make fun out of topics that are “safe”.  Making witty comments about the weather, a diet fad, or a famous movie character are some examples.  But always be cautious about your subjects.  Never poke fun at sensitive issues that could strike the wrong chord.  Distance yourself from making funny comments about political, racial, gender, religious, and disability issues.   Otherwise, you might earn the ire of a group of customers who may find your witty remarks inappropriate or offensive.

Be very brief

Don’t inject funny narratives that are too long, else your site content will appear dragging.  To be entertaining, humor must be direct to the point.  A one liner, if it makes a great impact is enough to garner good vibes and engage a user.  For example, if your organization deals with technology, you could make allusions to the cave man in an entertaining light.

There are dangers too of using humor in social media.  Even if your intention is to connect with, and engage a potential client through entertaining remarks, not everyone will find your brand of humor hilarious.  So to play it safe, it’s good to test the waters first with people from within your group.

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